We entered into this adventure with 50% enthusiasm and 50% ignorance. And that's what makes it fun.

In January of 2000, we were fortunate to acquire a 180 acre property in the north coast range of mendocino county california. And though the majority of the land was steep and densely forested, we had about 15 acres that looked prime for agricultural development. 


Since the property came with a hobby vineyard of about 50 vines, we naturally thought (as city folk) wine making was for us. Wrong. After one season, we soon discovered how labor intensive vineyard management would be. So the elegant wine making visions quickly vanished.

In our part of the world, you either grow grapes, pears or cannabis. And though we had nothing against wine, cannabis, or pears, we looked for other options. That took 18 months of research to find the just right plant for the just right place.

In our search for options, happily we discovered the amazing lord of lavender, Victor Gonzales. A master of the plant, and a truly fine human being, And so in the spring of 2017 we put our plants in the ground, and Victor was there to help.

So, here we are, just starting out. And we hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

Alan Randolph

After working with the largest advertising agencies in the world, he's finally taking his grand mother's advice – "work with the earth."


Steffy Wallace
Steffny Wallace

The most enlightened woman we know. She guides us in all things spiritual, organic and just what's right. She is our lavender angel.


Tyler Randolph
Tyler Randolph

Perhaps the hardest working man in mendocino county, he's also a master mixologist. Lavender cocktail recipes perhaps?