Grosso Pure Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Flat Cap, 15 ml

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15ml Euro Dropper Bottle (flat cap) Grosso Pure Essential Oil

Plant: Lavendula x intermedia 'Grosso'
Steam distilled from the flowering tops, this varietal has the highest percentage of camphor of any lavender species, between 5-12%, making it the most purifying and deodorizing lavender. With its forward camphor note, which many associate with a “classic” Lavender aroma, it also offers delivers delightful herbaceous under notes.

It's great for moisturizing and relaxation. To de-stress and unwind: just put 5 or 6 drops in a bathtub of hot water, inhale deeply and relax into a blissful experience.

With a shelf life of up to five years, it can improve during it's bottled lifespan if kept in a cool, dark environment.

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