During this anxious time when we're all dealing with the ramifications of COVID-19, we feel it's important to remember a few things:

  1. Know that we will get through this. Focusing on staying safe and healthy right now is Job One, but add contemplating a positive future and getting back into a vibrant life to the mix and it will increase feelings of happiness and hope.

  2. Fear weakens the immune system. If you find yourself sinking into another dire news cycle, take your focus off it for awhile and move around. Exercise, dance to your favorite music, sing, move move move! Moving our bodies clears stuck energies that can keep our minds in a repetitive cycle of worry.

  3. Relaxation and Joy increases our body's ability to fight infection. Spend as much time as possible enjoying whatever is happening in your home these days. For the most part we are all deeply blessed to have places to shelter in and family & friends to call on; either living with us or a quick phone call or text away. An Attitude of Gratitude lightens everything and laughter is truly the best medicine.

  4. Meditation, in whatever form you like, is a great way to remain positive and relaxed. For some people it's sitting in full lotus position while for others it's a quiet walk outside in nature. It truly doesn't matter, it's all about calming your thoughts for awhile.

  5. Life is not a given, but a gift. Love what you love wildly and passionately and with abandon. 


As a way to offer some help during this stressful time, we're reducing prices on all our products in the hope that everyone who wants to experience the aid of lavender essential oil can do so. Use the oil in a humidifier, combine it with a carrier oil (we like jojoba but whatever you prefer is fine) or put a few drops in your favorite lotion. Rubbing it on the soles of your feet before bed will help you have a deep, restful sleep as will spraying pillows with the hydrosol. Putting a few drops on your wrist throughout the day will have a sustained, calming effect.

Or simply put a few drops in your palms, rub them together and placing your hands over your nose, inhale deeply


Take care of yourselves friends and after you do, show others how to do it as well. Those healing vibrations you create truly do ripple out into the world. We can make a difference from where we are right now and perhaps when the world starts spinning again, we can remember this time and use these lessons to live our lives in a fresh, new and ever more positive way.


All our Best Wishes for Health and Joy now and tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow~

Steff and Alan

Triskele Organics at Running Springs Ranch

Mendocino County, CA

Please note: We have been making our own sanitizer with 99% isopropyl alcohol, organic glycerine & aloe vera gel and our own lavender essential oil. In adherence with best practices, all product bottles will be sanitized prior to being packaged and put in the mail.

Our lavender fields are 2,300 feet above sea level, located in Mendocino County, the first county in the United States to ban the use of GMOs. Lavender grown at higher altitude naturally produces more "linalool", a component of essential oil found to reduce stress and improve sleep. Our high altitude pure essential oils and hydrosol mists are harvested by hand and steam distilled on property immediately after harvest, ensuring a more intense aroma and heightened efficacy.

Our pure essential oils are just that, one ingredient and one ingredient only. Our lavender hydrosol mists have only two ingredients: organic lavender and pure mountain spring water. A simple combination that is true to our commitment to bring into the world only products that are unadulterated, organic and of the highest quality.

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